Bride Throwing Groom Over Her Head Cake Toppers

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Material: Polymer Clay    Standard Size: 6.5-9.5" Tall    Personalization Available
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jiu jitsu wedding cake toppers
Note: Please be aware that all our wedding cake toppers are customized, you can custom any outfit, pose or anything you love. Don’t limit by above style, just tell us your idea, we will first design some 2D sketches to get your approval, then turn them into 3D figurine.

Both of you are tough, strong and ready for anything. Years of practicing jiu jitsu have made your bodies into powerful weapons and given you mental strength and centeredness. Not only has jiu jitsu shaped and molded you as individuals, but it's also helped to strengthen you as a couple. Throughout every training and competition, you support one another and provide motivation to keep on the path to developing your skills. Putting one of our bride throwing groom over her head cake toppers on your wedding cake will show how jiu jitsu is a big part of your relationship in a fun, playful way.

We made this bride throwing groom over her head cake toppers decoration for a pair of black belts in jiu jitsu. Instead of opting for a preparation stance like some couples do for martial arts and jiu jitsu wedding cake toppers, they wanted to be shown in the midst of some playful combat. Using photographs that they provided, we made this jiu jitsu cake toppers design and placed the figurines on a simple circular gray base to pull the eye toward their pose.

The form shown on this jiu jitsu cake toppers decoration is a traditional move in the martial art. The bride is on her back with her left knee bent and her right leg extended with her foot planted against the middle of the groom's stomach. She is holding his left arm with her right one and has a hold of his blue necktie in her left hand. Her back is slightly arched so that the top of her head is lifted off of the base. The groom has his arms and legs splayed and is bending down toward the bride. His lips are puckered as if he intends to try and steal a kiss from her.

The bride jiu jitsu wedding cake toppers figurine is wearing her wedding gown, which has a strapless fitted bodice and a pleated skirt with a scalloped hemline. She has on white shoes, and her black hair is in an up-do with a white tiara accenting the style. Around her waist, she wears a black belt with her name written on the side in white.

Shown in his tuxedo, the groom on this bride throwing groom over her head cake toppers design wears a black coat, black pants, black shoes and a white dress shirt. Like the bride, he has a black belt tied around his waist that bears his name. He has short dark hair with thick sideburns.

This jiu jitsu cake toppers piece can be modified to suit your tastes or reflect a different style of martial arts. Whether you wish to alter the pose or select a different base, we'll gladly fulfill your request when we create our sketches.

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